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Roofing Maintenance Checklist for Spring

Even though homeowners may not look forward to spring home maintenance chores, getting those home maintenance jobs out of the way will mean that you can enjoy the spring and summer without worrying about your home. Seasonal maintenance will keep your home in great shape so that you don’t have to deal with big home emergencies down the road.

Taking care of your home’s roof is an essential part of home maintenance. If you take proper care of your roof and get routine maintenance done on a regular basis then your roof can last for twenty years or more before it needs to be replaced.

roofing maintenance

Performing roofing maintenance also makes it easier to spot problems or potential damage quickly before it gets so bad that it causes damage to the structure of your home or makes it necessary to replace the entire roof.

If you want to keep your roof in great shape and prevent any problems that could end up costing a lot of money then these are the tasks that you should do or have professionals do for you, every spring.

Get Your Roof Cleaned

In the fall and winter, you can end up with a lot of leaves and debris piled up on the roof. That can lead to the growth of mold, algae, and moss. The debris and vegetation that’s up there can make it difficult to find any damage that needs to be repaired.

It can also attract pests who might decide that your roof would be a fine place to live and might even try to burrow into the walls of your home.

So before you do any of the other tasks on the list, the first thing that you should do is get your roof cleaned. Roof cleaning pros can safely and quickly get rid of all that debris and clean off any toxic mold or algae that’s growing on your roof so you can see exactly what condition your roof is in.

Check The Roof For Damage

The best time to check the roof for damage is after the roof has been cleaned. Walk around the house and look for any gaps or missing shingles or other damage that’s visible from the ground. Then you can get up on the roof or hire a professional team to get up on the roof and check for damage.

It’s a very good idea to have a team of professionals check the roof as they’re cleaning it. Roofers know how to spot loose or damaged shingles before they get out of hand and they can make sure the structural integrity of the roof is solid.

Clean The Gutters

Cleaning the gutters isn’t something that many homeowners like to do. However, making sure the gutters are clean are a big part of keeping your roof in good shape. If your gutters are clogged then the water that’s supposed to drain from the roof to the ground through the pipes will back up and sit on the roof.

cleaning out the gutters

Standing water on the roof can damage the shingles over time. Water that pools on the roof often have bacteria and mold spores in it that can take root and start to grow when the sun comes out. This is what causes mold and algae to grow.

If there’s any gap between the walls and the roof is backed up with water. The water can leak down into the walls and ceilings of your home leading to damage and mold growth inside. Cleaning out the gutters in the spring, and preferably in the fall, will protect your roof and your home from water damage, mold, algae and bacteria.

Replace Missing or Broken Shingles

After the roof has been cleaned and checked for the damage, it’s time to get to work repairing any of the small problems before they become big problems. Leaks and cracks in the roof need to be sealed. Broken or damaged shingles need to be replaced.

By taking care of the small damages and preventing them from becoming major problems homeowners can extend the life of their roof and put up doing any major work like replacing the entire roof. You should always hire roofing professionals to fix any damage to the roof so that you can be sure the work was done by trained professionals and that it’ll last.

If you’re not handy around the house or if you don’t want to try getting up on the roof of your home to clean it, inspect it and repair any damage then you should hire a professional roofing company or team to come to your home and clean your roof and inspect it in the spring so you can be sure that your roof is in great shape for another year.

Roofing and Maintenance

Roofing maintenance is primarily done after a long winter season. Spring is the season for cleaning and your roof will be thankful after you clean all the debris from your shingles. Nonetheless, you should think about replacing your roof with asphalt shingles that have triple layer protection to keep your roof from getting damaged.

Here at Feldco Roofing, we provide residents with high quality and weather resistant shingles that are capable of lasting for years to come. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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