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Brookfield Roofing Contractors

Brookfield, IL is a bustling village located just 13 miles from downtown Chicago. Incorporated in 1893, Brookfield is now where over 18,000 people call home. It’s also home to the Brookfield Zoo, a very popular attraction for many people across Illinois and it’s even open all year round. For the best products, installation and customer service, Feldco is the top choice for roofing contractors in Brookfield.

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As the village continues to grow and improve in all aspects, homeowners might find themselves looking to improve their home. One aspect of your home that you must make sure is in good shape is the roof. When it’s time to replace your roof in Brookfield, there’s only one name you need to know – Feldco Roofing.

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Residential Roofing in Brookfield, IL

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Brookfield homeowners can count on us for the best roofing services because we specialize in residential roofing. If you need a new roof for your home in Addison, Feldco Roofing is the best option.

Why? We’re dedicated to providing homeowners with a high quality roof, expert installation and excellent customer service all along the way.

As your local roofing contractor, we can replace almost every type of roof from hip roofs to gambrel roofs. Our roofers have all the skills and experience necessary to exceed your expectations.

Since residential roofing is the only roofing we do, we’re able to perfect the process in order to provide the best roof replacement possible for Brookfield homeowners.

Brookfield Roof Installation

What really separates us from other roofing companies in Brookfield is our professional roof installation. Installers at Feldco Roofing are all factory trained and certified to give you peace of mind knowing your roof will be installed correctly the first time.

Why is it so important to get your new roof installed correctly? If your roof is compromised in any way, it can lead to a ton of potential problems in both the short and long runs.

For example, your roof could experience leaking right away if it’s not sealed up right and we all know how serious water damage can be. Plus, if there are gaps in your roofing, that exposes the plywood and can lead to rotting and warping.

When your roof isn’t creating a solid barrier from the outside, you open up your home to decreased energy efficiency. When you lose on energy, you lose on money.

However, this can all be avoided when you choose Feldco Roofing for your new roof installation in Brookfield.

Roof Replacement in Brookfield

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Roof replacement isn’t a project for the untrained novice. That’s why it’s important you get professionals, such as Feldco Roofing, to handle it. There’s a lot of work to be done when you replace your roof and everything needs to be done correctly and precisely.

The roofing process starts by tearing off your existing roofing shingles and underlay. This is a messy process, but when trained professionals take care of it, the mess is controlled and disposed of properly and completely.

Then, an underlay is applied to your roof that acts as a barrier and is what your new shingles get nailed down on. After the underlay comes your shingles. They need to be installed correctly and the right cuts need to be made in order to get a clean and crisp look.

How can you be sure to get the best roof replacement in Brookfield? Choosing Feldco Roofing will ensure your new roof not only looks amazing, but is installed correctly, safely and efficiently.

Plus, we use shingles made by Owens Corning – one of the most widely recognized manufacturers of roofing products. As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, you know that Feldco Roofing is fit for the job.

Brookfield Homeowners Trust Feldco Roofing

Feldco Roofing is proud to serve Brookfield homeowners with all their roof replacement needs. By combining top of the line Owens Corning products, expert installers and unmatched customer service, you’ll get the ultimate roofing experience.

We make the roofing process easy by handling everything from measurements, removing your old roof and installing your new one so you don’t have to worry about anything. Plus, our installers will make sure to leave your property spotless so you don’t have to deal with cleaning anything up.

If your roof is past its prime, now’s the time for replacement. Get started on your Brookfield roofing project today with a free quote online and see why so many trust us.

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