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Feldco’s been trusted for almost 50 years with home renewal for over 500,000 homes throughout the Chicagoland area.  Trust Feldco to get your new roofing project started in Arlington Heights. Feldco Roofing near Arlington Heights is providing the community with breakthrough design and durable shingles that will protect your home form the Midwest weather.

arlington heights roofing

Arlington Heights, widely known for the Arlington Park Race Track, is home to 75,101 residents.  The Arlington Heights Public Library is also known for having one of the largest catalogs in the state of Illinois. It’s located about 25 miles northwest of Chicago.

Arlington Heights had a population boom back in the 1950’s & 1960’s due to the economic expansion in and around Chicago.  A lot of homes were built around this time and with any home in the Midwest, the seasons can put a pounding on the exterior facades of most homes, mainly the roof.

The roof is a major part of a home.  If it’s old or worn out, let Feldco help you get started on your roofing project and get all the benefits that come with new roofing for you home.

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Residential Roofing in Arlington Heights

roofing in arlington heights

Homeowners in Arlington Heights can rest assured, if you need new roofing, Feldco’s got you covered.  We specialize in residential roofing with asphalt shingles for all types of homes in Arlington Heights.

No matter the structure type, the age of the home, or the size of the home, with Feldco roofing, there is a wide variety of patterns, colors and style options to choose from.

Old roofing can be a detriment to a homeowner’s heating and cooling bills.  During the winter time when the heater is on, the roof will let heat escape, since heat rises naturally, it can cause the snow on top of your roof to melt and let water leak in.  This can cause mold or mildew which is a health concern.

During the summer time, the hot sun can wear out the roof and cause the cool air from your A/C unit to escape.  If it rains, the same thing can happen if the water leaks into your attic causing mold and mildew.

Roof Replacement In Arlington Heights

Getting your old roofing replaced is important as it’s the first line of defense towards the outside elements.  It takes a beating from the hot summer sun, takes the brunt of all hail, rain, wind storms and carries the load of all the snow that piles up on top of it.

Roof replacement can be a daunting task.  Getting started can be the tough part.  A roofing specialist from Feldco will look over your old roofing and diagnose what the next steps are and walk you through the process.

We’ll go over the options with you and if you decide to move forward, we’ll take care of all the necessary paperwork as everything else will be taken care of by us from removing your old roof to cleaning up after installing your new one.

Roofing Installation in Arlington Heights

In Arlington Heights, the roofing installation process from beginning to end is smooth and uninterrupted when you choose us.  Our roof installers are factory trained and are professionals in their craft and pay great attention to detail.

Roof replacement is always left to the professionals as it can be hazardous for a homeowner do it on their own.  When it comes to safety, our installers take the most of precautions.  Your new roofing will be installed professionally and safely with us.

Feldco is the Midwest’s #1 home renewal company.  With our quality products and installation, why not go with Feldco? Get started on your Arlington Heights roofing project today with a free quote online.

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