Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof will add curb appeal and increase the perceived value of your home. With Feldco Roofing, you have many different shingle style and color options to make your home stand out. From the removal of your old roof to cleaning up after installing your new one, the best roof replacement contractors are at Feldco Roofing.

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Replacing Roof Shingles

When it comes to replacing your roof’s shingles, the best course of action to take is to go with Feldco Roofing. Many factors can accelerate the aging process of your roof. Seasonal weather is a likely reason for getting your roof replaced before the next snow storm comes crashing down.

Our roof replacement specialists will provide you with information relating to high profile underlay, robust water and snow resistant materials and outstanding ventilation. Altogether, you’ll feel comfortable and satisfied with the products, local service and professional installation completed by Feldco Roofing. We value the promise to keep homeowners happy with outstanding energy efficiency, improved curb appeal and greater value for your home.

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Here are some potential signs that your roof may need to be replaced:

  • Shingle edges are curled or shingle tabs are cupped
  • Granules are missing
  • Cracked shingles
  • Dark streaks and algae growth
  • Moss growth
  • Improper roof and attic ventilation
  • Attic leakage

All these potential signs can develop over time and are very apparent when they do arrive. As mentioned before, the aging process of your shingles is accelerated with seasonal weather changes. You must stay ahead of the game in order to avoid major damages to your home.

Home Roof Replacement

Home roof replacement starts with noticing the signs that your roof may actually need to be replaced. Instead of replacing each damaged shingle, replacing your entire roof is the best course of action to take when it comes to saving on energy costs and increasing the value of your home. To replace individual shingles would essentially be a band-aid temporarily avoiding a much larger problem.

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Feldco Roofing has a reputation of trustworthy contractors that replace your roof with extreme care and detail. As a result, customers go to us for top of the line products, local service and professional installation at an affordable price.

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Roof Replacement Cost

Several variables go into the cost of replacing your roof. Here are some key factors:

  • Roof size
  • Pitch
  • Materials and shingles
  • Labor

Feldco helps customers with financing and payment plans as well – no project is too big or too small for Feldco. We make it easy every step of the way with a complete roof replacement so that you can benefit from energy efficiency, outstanding ventilation and complete protection from seasonal weather.

The Best Roof Replacement Services

It’s time to replace your old and patchy roof. There’s nothing more valuable for your home than roof replacement done right. We use high quality asphalt shingles and materials from Owens Corning to make your decision easy moving forward.

Our local service is what homeowners trust Feldco for. We use the best materials to shield your roof from water and ice, creating a waterproof seal that’ll prolong your roof and increase the energy efficiency of your home.

We use asphalt shingles that are designed to add extra strength and give off incredible appeal for your roof. Our asphalt shingles complement your home and they add a strong and durable layer to keep you and your family protected from the harsh weather.

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