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Increase Your Curb Appeal with a New Roof

The roof over your head is a faithful constant in your life. Eventually, years of protecting your house from the elements will start to show. Plus, trends will come and go, but style is forever. With so many options to choose from, you can create a home that’s truly your own. Increase your curb appeal today with a new roof.

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Understanding Your Different Roofing Options

You work to keep your exterior looking nice, but nothing will undo that work faster than a flaking, peeling roof. By replacing it with new, high-performing materials, you’re guaranteeing a polished appearance.  An added benefit of roof replacement is, if you were thinking of adding insulation, then you can do that while it’s under construction and knock that out in one step. This will also raise your property’s resale value.

When understanding your roof options, there are two things to consider: style and material. If you live in a community with an HOA, there may be constraints when it comes to style. However, you can still get the benefits of a shiny new roof. Roofs typically come in asphalt, slate or metal, which comprise the following subcategories:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is pretty much the default when it comes to roofs. Today, this type of shingles is made with a mix of fiberglass and asphalt and coated in granules. They come in two primary styles: 3-tab and laminate. 3-tab are probably what you think of when you think shingle. They’re the rectangular shingles that lay flush with each other, making that classic alternating pattern. Your home might have them right now.

Laminated asphalt shingles, also called “architectural” or “dimensional” shingles, are offered in different shapes and colors. Their dimensionality makes them resemble slate or wood shakes. 3-tab is common because it was typically the economical choice, but laminate wins on durability. As dimensional shingles overtake 3-tab in popularity, it will behoove your home’s resale value to switch over.

Wood Shingles & Wood Shakes

Though many people conflate wood shingles with shakes, they’re not quite the same. With origins in colonial times, wood shakes are traditionally derived from cedar. They get their coveted rustic appearance from being sawn on one side and shaved on the other. Whether you go with shingles or shakes, the natural variations in their ridges and color lend them a hand-crafted quality.

Clay or Ceramic Tile

A clay style you may know well is terracotta. It comes from a Southwestern design heritage. The gorgeous, earthy red of clay will lend a whole new character to your home. One of the benefits of this material is its fire-resistance.

Slate Shingles

Slate shingles are an enduring favorite because of their natural integrity. This beautiful stone can be found adorning many historical buildings. Bear in mind that it’s higher-end. Moreover, it’s slippery if you’re up there making repairs. For a more economical option there’s also composite slate, which while synthetic, mimics the natural variations in stone.

Metal Shingles

When you think metal roof, you probably picture a school – not a house. But today’s metal roofs are being made to simulate other roof styles. That means this lightweight and easy-to-install material can give you the look of shingles. In fact, many are now choosing look-alike metal over terracotta for Spanish-inspired projects.

Bring Out Your Home’s Curb Appeal with a New Roof

You think about color when it comes to your door and shutters, but have you considered the color of your roof? Get the full potential out of your siding by pairing it with the perfect roof. With just a different color or construction, you can get completely new looks out of your home.

You don’t have to spring for beachfront property to get the same feeling. If your home has a light exterior like cream, grey, or blue, you can evoke the shores of Cape Cod with a light roof to match. Imagine how coastal a misty grey roof will look against your off-white vinyl siding. With a new roof and improved beachfront property, you can relax by going out and taking your bodyboard out on the beach. 

Are you most yourself when you’re kayaking or heading out on an adventure? Bring back memories of camping with a deep brown or black roof. If your house already has olive or chocolate siding, this rich combination will evoke a lodge or lake home.

Shapes are another opportunity for expression, with certain materials coming in geometric and circular styles. Use them to evoke different time periods and design traditions. The architectural or dimensional shingles are offered in a hexagonal shape that looks fit for royalty. Get a charming, vintage look with asphalt shingles and save on energy bills for a fair price. 

Don’t Settle for the Roof your House Came With

Maybe you’re dreaming of a head-to-toe home makeover. Maybe you’re just looking to make improvements, but your roof isn’t eligible for repair. Whatever your needs, there’s a new roof for you that promises beauty and function. These are the details that make all the difference.

Start Your Roofing Project with Feldco Roofing

Your roof is one of the most pivotal elements of your home’s curb appeal. An old-outdated roof not only lowers your curb appeal, but it also lowers your property value as well. See how roofing experts at Feldco Roofing can transform your roofs curb appeal with a free quote.

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