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Problems with a Flat Roof House

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If you’re in the market for a new roof, you’re probably pinning loads of inspiration. You see a super modern house and wonder if you can you pull that off. Flat roofs are definitely an acquired taste. Also called low-slope roofs, these are an uncommon sight for more reasons than one. We’ll explain the problems that come with a flat roof house and why you can’t go wrong with a classic pitch.

Flat Roof Houses: Worth It?

You’re a shrewd customer, so you know it’s not all bad when it comes to a flat roof house. For one, because there isn’t the same heavy-lifting required, the labor costs less. And since it’s walkable, you can potentially use the roof as an outdoor space. We can admit that that’s pretty cool. But there are some problems you may not have thought about when it comes to this unique style.

Drainage Issues

Your roof is the hardest working part of your house. It protects you from wind, rain, hot and cold – year in and year out. It can certainly take a beating. When choosing a roof, you want something that’s practical. Flat roofs are peculiar in terms of engineering, which makes them a problematic choice.

The biggest issue with a flat roof is drainage. This also happens to be your roof’s main responsibility. At that angle, there’s nowhere for water, snow or leaves to go. Instead, it sits and puddles, which can cause buckling and damage.

Leaks can seep through to your house and promote stains, mildew and may even require replacement. And while they technically do have a slight slope to allow for water to slide off, gravity’s obviously not on their side. 

Fewer Options for Materials

One of the most exciting things about a remodel is choosing from all your options: material, color, style, and finish. A project involving a flat roof limits your options in terms of looks and functionality. This is because a flat roofing system supports fewer materials than a pitched roof.

roof materials

The two primary options to finish a flat roof are metal and rubber. There are also other roll-out polymers you can choose, but the effect is the same. This is because shingles would soak up water at that angle.

In fact, shingling a flat roof can shorten its lifespan. Metal roofs are now offered in different patterns meant to model the look of real shingles or tile. However, that doesn’t change the steep cost of metal. 

Insulation Issues

The unique design of a flat roof adds another challenge to weatherproofing your house. Pitched roofs offer a layer of protection in the form of the attic or loft area. A flat roof still needs a place for the underlayment and insulating sheath to go, but the options aren’t too good. If you place the insulation under the roof deck it can cause condensation. 

Lack of Curb Appeal

Curb appeal needs to factor into any choice about your exterior. It’s a big investment and an even bigger commitment – it’s not easy to change like your window treatments. You want something you can live with, fits your HOA standards and increases your property value. 

A flat roof is just like it sounds – flat as a cardboard box. They’re mostly associated with schools, hospital settings and buildings with multiple units. You don’t typically see them on a standalone house. We’re not saying you can’t pull this off stylishly – there’s definitely a certain look that goes with flat roofs. But most people don’t want their house to look like a hotel or late-night club.

The Beauty of a Pitched Roof

Conversely, pitched roofs are a classic roof style that lends itself to many different looks. Every classic architectural style starts with a high slope. With different shingles, tiles or shakes, you can get the look nearly any design tradition. They give off a spacious, stately vibe, making your house look bigger.

Go with Professionals for Your Roof Replacement

roofing professionals installing shingles

Residential pitch roofs and asphalt roofing are getting a lot of recognition. You may notice that lots of people are opting for asphalt shingles since they are within the budget, they represent a stellar curb appeal and they provide excellent curb appeal. However, most roofing professionals and contractors don’t have the proper training and experience to install and replace a roof.

It’s important to go with professionals for your roof replacement. At Feldco, we have everything from high-quality asphalt shingles to great installers who are factory trained. Take care of your home with a triple layer shingles designed to withstand high winds, heavy snow, and rain.

The fabric is designed to deliver consistent fastening during installation. Additionally, you’ll have many colors and styles to choose from and we have professionals to give you helpful recommendations to make your roof stand out.

What separates us from competitors is the professional installation done by trained installers who are capable of tearing your old roof and installing the new shingles with precise detail. Speak to a product specialist about the many types of styles and colors we have and get a free quote online today.

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