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How to Choose the Right Chicago Roofing Company

When getting their roof done for the first time, many homeowners find they don’t know what they don’t know. That is, they don’t even have a starting point for what to look for.

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You want to know what criteria to look for and how to avoid being taken advantage of. Read on to find out how to choose the right roofing company for your latest home project.

Choose Someone Local for Roofing

One way to find the right roofers for you is through local referrals. Ask friends, family, or neighbors who they trust for the best service. Word of mouth is still a great way to get a sense of who’s worth going back to. This is also why choosing a local company is advantageous: they have an established reputation in your area, and they’re invested in serving your community.

Do Your Research on Roofing Companies Chicago

Look your prospects up on Google. You can see how they’re rated, and you can also verify them if they approach you the aforementioned way.

One you may not have thought about is manufacturer designations. Certain brands that contractors offer may have designations that recognize the contractor as being up to par.

Part of your research is naturally going to include a cost. What you don’t want to do, though, is hire on price alone. You can always find someone willing to do the job for less, but you’ll end up paying for it and then some when you have to fix an improper installation.

Steer Clear of Shady Tactics

There are some who try to get service by approaching homeowners and telling them they have storm damage. Don’t fall for people who knock on your door and pitch you this way. While there are cases where extreme weather draws legitimate roofers into your state, these kind of forceful selling tactics are generally the sign of a shady business.

Similarly, be skeptical if they pressure you to sign a contract or hand overpayment at a premature juncture. You want to be sure your figures are in order before you commit to anything, and a professional will understand that.

Beyond obvious scams, there are other signs you don’t want to overlook. Maybe they waffled on answering a question or didn’t return your request for a quote. Take note of how responsive and forthright they are in their communications with you. Transparency, integrity, and follow-through are qualities you can’t compromise on when it comes to your home.

Hammer Out Job Details Upfront

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Write down any agreements on payment, processes, and timelines. It’s important to settle these expectations from the outset. This will disqualify any contractor who won’t deliver – and it’ll also protect you from disputes later on. In fact, once you’ve found a roofing company, be prepared to ask them these questions:

Do you take on roof projects of my size?

In addition to setting expectations, this is an important question for gauging interest and commitment.

Can you show me your paperwork?

Don’t be afraid to ask for proof of licensing and insurance. Any legitimate contractor should be able to provide this, and it will reduce your liability when it comes to a task that involves heights and danger.

Can you provide references?

As we touched on before, this refers to previous happy clients. But it also applies to financial references from banks and suppliers. While you might want to take someone at their word cause they seem nice, it’s always better to get documentation.

Will you be using roofing subcontractors?

You want to know who you’re trusting this project to, which includes any subcontractors they put on the job.

Will you obtain the permits required for this project?

Many things that are standard to home design are actually regulated by law to ensure safety and quality. So when making certain changes to your house, you may need to get approval. You should be able to rely on your contractor to acquire the necessary permits and inspections.

How will you handle additional charges?

With any contracting project, there will be unforeseen costs. Find out now – before they come up – how those charges will be itemized and processed.

How should I get in touch with you?

The way you’ve been communicating with them so far might not be their main point of contact, so establish if they prefer email, text, or phone call. This will also open up the conversation to when, and how often, they can be reached.

Always Go with Professionals for Roof Replacement and Repair

Whenever you’re making improvements to your home, you always want to go with professionals. This is essential to quality, safety and security. But as a customer, don’t be afraid to speak up and trust your gut. Enjoy your home for years to come knowing there’s a solid roof over your head.

At Feldco Roofing, we provide breakthrough design and triple layer protection to keep your roof insulated throughout the year. For a roof replacement, our installers are factory trained, experienced and professional to get the job done correctly. Speak to a product specialist and get a free quote online today.

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