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Animals in My Attic: What Do I Do?

You do everything you can to fortify your home. But that new doorbell doesn’t stand a chance against animal invaders. We’re talking about the mice, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and birds that find their way into your attic. What do you do?

animals in attic

Why Animals Find Their Way Into Your Attic

As soon as you’ve gotten rid of the bugs in the summer, the animals of winter burrow their way in. 

Cold temperatures can make animals seek refuge in your home. This is also typically the mating season, followed by the birthing seasons of spring and summer. (This is why you want to be careful with removals because babies could be left behind.) 

You may be scratching your head as to how they got inside. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean your house is dirty or you don’t keep a nice space. Any home is susceptible to furry visitors. For one thing, you’d be amazed how small rodents and raccoons can move into your home.

They’re pretty tenacious when they want to be, finding their way in through cracks in siding and soffit. They can get in by climbing, gnawing through walls or shimmying through loose shingles and eaves.

Signs of Animals

You’re trying to sleep when you hear scratching in the walls. You might have noticed droppings or urine. You may also find nests with materials they found in your house, like paper, or brought from outside, like grass or straw.

If you poke around the attic you may notice the destruction of insulation or ducts. Rodents, by their nature, are chewers. This kind of damage is serious because it can lead to fires and leaks. And you may hear the tell-tale sounds of life: scampering, scurrying, squeaking, whimpers and whinnies.

You might be tempted to ignore these signs and assume nature will take care of itself. But the problem will only get worse. Wild animals, while cute, can bring damage and disease into your home.

Inspect Your Roof and Attic

There are parts of your house you might completely ignore. Be honest, when’s the last time you’ve looked at your roof? Do a quick sweep of the perimeter and look for any weaknesses or damage.

This will tip you off to whether you can fix something at this stage to stop animals from getting in. Similarly, don’t wait until signs of animals appear to get inside. Be aware of what’s going on up there so you can catch any problems early.

Use A Live Trap or Exclusion Door

We wouldn’t blame you if the first hint of critters in your house makes you flip out. But don’t feel like you need to quarantine your home. (That circus tent is for bugs, so no worries there.) Getting rid of animals from the attic is straightforward. 

trapped animal in attic

The primary way to deal with attic pests is to set up barriers that let them find their way out on their own.

This is basically a one-way door. Also called an exclusion funnel, this is a mesh tunnel that guides crawlers and animals back out of the house. Once inside, close their point of entry off so their only way is out.

But be sure they’re all gone before you reseal the opening, or you risk trapping them inside. Another way to do this is with a live trap. You can use a cage to painlessly capture the offending creature for later release outside. 

Guide Them Outside

If safe to, you might be able to just open a window and let animals find their way outside. This is easier done with a docile animal like a pigeon (you may be less successful with a bat, for example). This also assumes you have a window in your attic.

Proceed With Caution When Dealing With Animals

You want to protect yourself and your family. So don’t be a hero! Seek the counsel of pest control professionals before turning this into a DIY. Additionally, be careful with these animals. Get informed from your local ordinances about wildlife. If you find yourself face to face with a protected species, like certain birds and their eggs, there may be laws prohibiting their movement.

Choose Professionals for Roofing Replacement

If your roof has damage from nosy critters, choose us for your replacement roof needs. We’ll protect you from the elements for years to come and keep nature where it belongs. Get a free quote with Feldco roofing today.

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